Direct Gov Employment

Direct Gov Employment

5 Ways to Look for Public Sector Jobs

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Direct Gov Employment - 5 Ways to Look for Public Sector Jobs

Direct Gov Employment

Successful job seekers are those who do not give on job hunting and actually know where they should look for employment. If you are freshly in the job market and looking for employment, without anyone to guide you about how to go about the process, read on to know about 5 top ways to look for public sector jobs.

Browse the internet

These days, new jobs fill up as fast as they are notified about. Many government agencies advertise their jobs over the web through online job boards which are owned by newspapers, recruitment websites or their own official websites. You should browse the internet regularly to make sure that you do not end up missing any lucrative job. Direct Gov has one of the largest databases in the UK about job vacancies and it is constantly updated. You should search the Direct Gov database thoroughly in order to get a job which suits your skills and qualifications.

Online networks

Other than Direct Gov, many employers also make use of social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook in order to recruit fresh staff. You can exploit this advantage by registering at such websites and creating a good profile that will attract prospective employers. You should directly apply to the jobs posted there.

Mobile phone apps

If you possess an iPhone or an Android phone, it is also a good idea to download a job search app for free and get notified about job offers posted online. Such apps can also let you search for jobs based on your skills, qualifications and requirements. You will be able to add good jobs to favourites and apply to them at a later time.

Local newspapers

While databases like Direct Gov are great, the local newspapers are also great sources to try. Many government agencies post new jobs to these papers to keep people abreast of vacancies. You should regularly check these to know whether jobs of your type are available. You can use the information to apply to these posts.

Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies

These days, there has been a profusion of recruitment agencies considering a rise in the number of young job seekers. These agencies advertise long and short term jobs in specific areas of employment. All that you need to do is sign up with some of the agencies in your location and stay abreast of the newest vacancies in the public sector. You can use the internet to know about good recruitment agencies in your area and sign up with a few of them.